All Souls Day Services 2018

Over the weekend of Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 November, Southern Metropolitan Cemetery Trust was honoured to host almost 3,000 members of the community during the All Souls Day services.

All Souls Day 2018 - 2 All Souls Day 2018 - 4

The five services were held at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Bunurong Memorial Park, Cheltenham Memorial Park and Melbourne General Cemeteries. The services were all-denominational with the inclusion of a Vietnamese service.  

 All Souls Day 2018 - 4

The annual All Souls Day services provide those in attendance with the time and opportunity to reflect upon and commemorate the lives of their loved ones. Many family and friends gathered together at each mass to participate in hymns and prayers as well as partaking in communion, the lighting of candles and a blessing by the priest.   

Southern Metropolitan Cemetery Trust is honoured to host this annual service for the community to partake in the remembrance and honouring of loved ones.

All Souls Day 2018 - 2