Bunurong Memorial Park - Runner up in 2016 American Cemetery Excellence Awards

We are delighted to share the recent announcement that Bunurong Memorial Park (BMP) was runner up in the 2016 American Cemetery Excellence Awards.

BMP is relatively young in its life cycle compared to other entrants, the majority of which are locations with a long history. This outstanding achievement is confirmation of the world class facilities and service offering at BMP and that it is truly ‘a memorial park of the future’.

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) Chair, Sue Renkin, and CEO, Jane Grover, talk about how rewarding it is to see the community embrace BMP since its opening in early 2016 in the Summer Edition of The Southern Cemeterian.

SMCT and BVN, the architects behind BMP, are proud to present the following video showcasing this uniquely Australian, multipurpose, community asset.