What do I do when someone dies?

At Brighton General Cemetery we understand that making immediate arrangements when someone dies can be an extremely daunting experience. We are here to help you, by respectfully guiding you through the process.

We also understand the pressure you may be under when you make contact with us. For this reason, we will make every attempt to explain and simplify the process and to carefully take you through your options.

At Brighton General Cemetery, we also recognise and respect that, depending on your personal, religious or cultural preferences, you may have special requirements. These may include the timeframe for burial, specific cultural and religious rituals or a preference for specific locations and aspects.

We will do everything within our power to accommodate all requests.

Contact us first on (03) 9578 5525

By contacting Brighton General Cemetery when a loved one dies, our experienced Client Services Consultants can arrange to meet with you to help in the following ways:

  • Determining whether prior arrangements have been made. You may wish to look for relevant documents, however if papers can’t be found, we can search our database for you. If you find paperwork that relates to arrangements made with either Brighton General Cemetery or with other organisations, such as funeral directors, we can explain these to you.
  • Providing you with a list of funeral directors who are registered to work with Brighton General Cemetery. Funeral directors who are registered with us have the appropriate governance requirements in place and have a clear understanding of how to manage the most appropriate funeral service within our location. This information will help you select a funeral director who is most appropriate for your needs.
  • Helping you decide between burial and cremation. If prior arrangements have not been made, or wishes have not been expressed, we can provide you with the right information to help you make the most appropriate decision.
  • Choosing locations and memorials. Whether you choose burial or cremation, the next key decision is choosing a special location where families can reflect both now and in the future.
    There are so many beautiful options within Brighton General Cemetery and very special places, which cater for specific religious and cultural needs. The style of memorial can then be decided to appropriately reflect the life honoured.
  • Helping you make the right long term decisions. At Brighton General Cemetery we aim to help you make the right decisions, both now and for the future. Making the right decisions regarding burial or cremation and choosing the most appropriate memorial location, will give family members long term peace of mind. This is why we recommend that immediate, key family members make these critical decisions together. Additional family members may wish to contribute to shorter-term decisions surrounding remembering and the funeral service itself. We recommend that you allow their involvement in this part of the planning.

Who needs to be contacted following a death?

When someone dies, a number of people and organsations need to be informed.

Please click here to download a guide of organisations you may need to contact.